Daily Affirmation

You know how a bad morning can totally set the tone for your day? Or how a GREAT morning can make you feel like you’re on cloud 9 all day?
Mornings are so important to setting up your mood for the day.

Daily affirmations are a big part of how I get in to a positive and goal oriented mindset each morning. Did you notice I also said goal oriented? Yes, we want to have HAPPY days, but we also want to have productive days!

Daily affirmations can help with any goal you’re working towards. Fitness goals, career goals, relationship goals, you name it! I believe that a large part of achieving your goals is to remember that you have them! How many times have you set a goal only to have a month go by and -oh no!- you totally forgot you wanted to achieve X! Reminding yourself everyday of the goal(s) you’re trying to achieve will keep you in the mindset to be working on your goals.

Your life tends to follow the path of what you’re spending time thinking about and giving your attentions to.

In the words of Snoop Dogg “with my mind on my money and my money on my mind”.

If you focus on success and achieving your goals you’re more likely to achieve them than if you’re focused on failing and other negative thoughts.


Meal Planning Made Easy

“What’s for dinner?” – The most common phrase in my household

It’s also the most dreaded phrase in my household

Let’s be honest, figuring out what you’re going to eat for 3 different meals each day of each week is a LOT of work! That’s 1,095 meals, and we’re not even including snacks! No wonder we’re always asking ourselves or our partners “What’s for dinner?”.

Meal Planning has been a hot topic lately. If you’re on Pinterest (follow me!) then you’ve likely seen all the amazing pins of Sundays dedicated to meal prepping for the week & how to make crock pot freezer bag meals. There are a ton of great ideas, and some of them are a bit time consuming, but meal planning doesn’t take a lot of time and it’s really easy!

At the end of this post is a link to download my free template!

Meal planning is about looking at your week and deciding what you’re going to eat each day. You can plan just dinners, or you can plan breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It’s up to you! I mostly just plan for dinner, since that’s the meal that seems to give me the most headache.

I’m going to break down my meal planning system for you, but first let me tell you WHY you should start meal planning.


We all have a favorite Mascara, right? My Holy Grail mascara is Lancôme Hypnôse Drama Instant Full Volume Mascara.

I love everything about it, the formula, the wand (omg the wand is soooooo amazing!), the packaging, the way it feels on my lashes….I could go on!

BUT I don’t necessarily love spending almost $30 on a tube of mascara. I try to live the fashionably frugal lifestyle.

That’s where my most amazing beauty hack ever comes in!

I’m not kidding, you’ll be wondering why you never thought of it!


Beach Ready in 7 Days


Going to the beach in a week and don’t know where to start to get ready?

So many questions! When to spray tan? When to get a manicure and pedicure? Need to de-bloat ASAP? What should you pack?

This post is for you!

Beach Ready in 7 daysI recently went on a beach trip to celebrate my friend’s bachelorette party. There was lots of sun, sand, wine, and good times!

It was a lot to pack and prepare for, but doing a little each day made it simple.

Let me share with you my 7 day guide to getting beach ready! Essentials for your packing list included! (There’s also hangover prevention tips at the end of the post!)


Raise your hand if your roots drive you crazy!

Being blonde gives me life, but my roots are the bane of my existence.

I color my hair blonde, so my outgrowth is a harsh line, unlike the softer look of when your highlights grow out. I’ll explain another time why I prefer this method, but the con is definitely the harsh line of demarcation between my blonde hair and my new growth.

My dream is to be able to get my hair colored every week like one of my long-time beauty idols, Gwen Stefani.

Gwen Stefani’s hair stylist, Danilo Dixon, was recently quoted “We color her hair every Monday, before we film The Voice.”

Many of life’s great blondes have been known to dye their hair frequently. Pamela Anderson has been coloring her own hair at home for over 25 years, and Marilyn Monroe bleached her hair every 3 weeks.

I’m no Gwen, Pam or Marilyn, but I try to get to the salon about every 5-6 weeks.  I’m usually obsessing over my roots by the last week before my appointment. I swear they’re staring back at me in the mirror!

Here are the 3 tricks I use to help hide my roots


Like clockwork, every day, I get hungry at 3:00.

I also get hungry at 10:00am, but that’s another matter….

Does anyone else get that snack craving right at 3:00? You think to yourself ‘No, just a bit longer until work’s over…hold out!”

But then before you know it, you have a bag of Doritos (or Cheetos!) from the vending machine on your desk. The craving won, and you’re left feeling somewhat satisfied but guilty. ☹

What’s a girl to do?

Here’s how I defeat the dreaded 3:00 hunger pains


I recently heard about intermittent fasting and thought it sounded interesting, so why not give it a go for a week?!

If you know me, then you know I’ll try almost anything at least once – especially if it’s wellness or beauty related!

First, let me say – Intermittent Fasting isn’t really a diet, it’s more of scheduled pattern of eating.

The basic idea is that you only eat during an 8 hour period during the day, the other 16 hours you’re fasting – AKA just drinking water/tea/coffee.

Your 8 hour period can start at any time. I scheduled mine to run from 12pm-8pm. (Yes, that means no breakfast, but that hurdle was pretty easy to get over) You could do 10am-6pm, or 8am-4pm – Whatever works with your schedule!

The best thing about intermittent fasting is that it’s EASY. Seriously, so easy. No counting calories/ carbs/ fats/ or whatever! You just eat what you normally eat -only you limit the time frame you eat within. It’s so simple!

Before I tell you how my week went, let me tell you what really made me want to try this.


There’s never enough time in the mornings, or in the evenings, or on the weekends – or pretty much ever. That’s why I love anything that will save me time.

I am all about efficiency and using my time effectively. My coworkers know that I’m constantly trying to improve or streamline processes. At the grocery store I plan my shopping list to match the store layout so I don’t waste any time doubling back –Kinda psycho–  I just hate wasting time.

So of course, I love any beauty products that save me time.

Getting ready is actually one of my favorite rituals, and I enjoy taking my time on the weekends, but this girl doesn’t have time for all that on weekday mornings.

Here are my favorite beauty time savers & why I love them


These Skinny Waffles are the best weekend breakfast! They are full of PROTEIN and really fill you up. So, if you’re tired of drinking your breakfast, you’ll have to try these!

If you’re on Pinterest you’ve likely seen pins of the ‘2 Ingredient Pancakes’. The idea is pretty simple, you mix one banana and two eggs & pour them like pancakes. I tried it out and it was OK….

They really turned out more like crepes than pancakes, and you have to cook them slowly on low heat if you want to be able to flip them. So it takes forever to make a batch -I hate that! Short story of it all – I knew there was room for improvement.


Hello Lovelies! Let’s talk apple cider vinegar – what is it & why am I so obsessed with it!

Raw apple cider vinegar is made from apples. Just apples. Literally it has one ingredient! The apples are crushed and then made in to fresh apple cider, from there it goes on to ferment. The fermentation is where all the magic happens.

It’s important to get raw apple cider vinegar (BRAGG is the BEST) because most grocery store vinegars are filtered and pasteurized. These two processes remove the “mother” (yes, it’s weird, but it’s good for you!) and also kill off some of the beneficial properties created during fermentation.

What are the beneficial properties?
  • Digestive aid, thanks to a prebiotic called pectin. Prebiotics and probiotics are so good for your gut health and digestion.
  • Hydrates.
  • Alkalizes the body.
  • Binds with enzymes to metabolize FATS and CARBS.
  • Increases your metabolism thanks to acetic acid.
  • Helps control blood sugar levels.
  • Balances ph.
  • Antifungal and antibacterial properties – great for skin conditions like eczema (diluted) or to help cure a sore throat.
  • Can relieve heartburn.
  • Reduces joint pain.
  • Can lower blood pressure & cholesterol.
  • And dozens of other benefits!

It can relieve almost any ailment you can think of! Seriously, check out this list from Earth Clinic

Tip– Earth Clinic is my go-to for finding natural remedies.


Why do I drink Apple Cider Vinegar?